I make sound packs

The packs are collections of building blocks for making electronic music that I've assembled. Each one contains one hundred high-quality and useful pieces that can save you time and keep you in the flow of making music.

The net is bursting with downloadable sounds, and there are many great resources for audio material, but I find that almost everything I find fails in one of two ways; either the material is low-quality, or the provider turns out to be shiesty.

You know that low-quality sounds are disappointing to download. Trashy bitrates, bad trimming/cropping, weird filenames, and empty or noisy samples plague many of the downloads found online. In comparison, what I'm offering here is primo shit. Each pack is well organized, and every sample is trimmed to perfection and has no unwanted noise. My samples sound good.

Other providers of sample packs often operate unscrupulously, giving away a few high-quality samples to entice, and then selling humongous packs of garbage at insanely high prices. My system is simpler and honest. I have a program that chooses 10 random samples from each pack, which I then give away for free. By listening to the free samples you can get a real idea of what's in the full pack.

Plus, my packs are focused and affordable. Each pack of 100 samples is only $5, so you're not paying tons of cash for zillions of samples you don't want or need, and that you'll never use in an actual track. I know you'll find these sounds useful, and I hope they inspire you to make great music.